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My name is Dolores. I am 20 years old girl who lives in a small country called Slovenia. I really enjoy lazy sundays, photography, long walks, good cup of black coffee, cooking & baking, trying new things, crafts ect,.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013, 1:26 PM

"Its just too much now, that I all grown up, I've been dragged through the dirt, now I should be blowing up, still I'm blowing, still I'm blowing, an still I don't know where the hell I should be going.... So I guess it's just... Live like this, till my mind goes sap, no love, no drug, could ever fill this gap, yeah I live for the high, till it all floods back, like the tears of the years, that I cant get back."

(@ Christina Timofeyeva )

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Dolores| 20 years old| I basically post everday stuff from my life, things that inspire me and I enjoy doing. Happy scrolling !
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